The Goddess Test has 6 entries in the series. The Goddess Test (Series). Aimée Carter Author (). cover image of The Goddess Test Boxed Set. The Goddess Inheritance - Aimee Carter - Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read Goddess Interrupted by Aimée Carter - Chapter Sampler. Read The Goddess Test read free novels online from your Mobile, Pc. The Goddess Test is a Fantasy novel by Aimee Carter.

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Goddess Test - Aimee Carter (Complete) Goddess Test 01 - The Goddess Test - Aimee KB. Goddess Test - The Goddess Hunt. Every girl who has taken the test has died. Now it's Kate Winters's turn. It's always been just Kate and her mom—and her mother is dying. Her last wish? To move. The Goddess Test book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. Every girl who had taken the test has it's Kate's tu.

Book 1. The Goddess Test by Aimee Carter. Every girl who had taken the test has died. Now it… More. Want to Read. Shelving menu. Shelve The Goddess Test.

Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Rate it:. The Goddess Hunt by Aimee Carter. A vacation in Greece sounds like the perfect way… More. Shelve The Goddess Hunt. Book 2. Goddess Interrupted by Aimee Carter. But wait. What's the name on the right of Demeter's? Wiki again: In Roman mythology, Diana was the goddess of the hunt, the moon and birthing, being associated with wild animals and woodland, and having the power to talk to and control animals.

She was equated with the Greek goddess Artemis, [ So pray tell, why the fuck would Demeter use Artemis' name?

I remember Kate asking about it I just I can't. There are so many stupid inaccuracies about him that I can't list them all. Alright, fine. I'll try. So about the Underworld. For some reason, without Persephone, Hades can't rule by himself, and he's going to fade away. But why the fuck would the responsibility be passed on to Hermes? He's already the god of messages, thieves, and I forget.

He's one of the few that can go in and out of the Underworld freely, yeah, but why him? Why not Charon, or Thanatos? And the reason why Persephone left was pretty lame. Henry's expression was blank.

I did not stop her. So the book says there are thirteen Olympians. Hestia was replaced by Dionysus. When Dionysus was made a god, the Olympians argued on who should give up their place, and Hestia offered to do so. Next, Ares. Not much to talk about. And Aphrodite. Ah, the target of slut-shaming. Of course, Aphrodite is portrayed as a bitchy slut here.

Except for Henry, all of the guys eyed her everywhere she went. I wasn't sure what else she'd been expecting. And when two guys, Apollo and Dionysus fought over Aphrodite Apollo, seriously? Yes, because when two guys get in a fistfight over a girl, it's the girl's fault when one of the guys get hurt.

I don't have much to say about the rest of the list, because thank the gods, they don't play a large role. Kate I didn't find Kate to be selfless.

At all. She keeps droning on and on about how she wants her mother to be happy, how she wants her mother to stay longer.

Goddess Test Series

Seems selfless and filial, but in truth, she only wants her mother to stay longer because she "wasn't prepared to say goodbye". This was emphasized and mentioned many times in the book. So in truth, Kate is only saving her mother for herself, not actually wanting to download time fore her mom. Kate is a Mary Sue cardboard cutout. It's not the worst part of the book, and I have read about worse heroines, so I'll leave it at there.

Conclusion It's been a while since I was so enraged by a book. It's not even a so-bad-that-it's-good book, it's a so-bad-that-it's-bad book.

Goddess Interrupted

So if you have a working knowledge of Greek Mythology, stay well away. View all 14 comments. I loved it! Simply, completely, loved it. I can barely begin to say how much. From the very beginning I was caught. I love Greek Myth I always have.

The story and characters were brilliant. I loved all the characters They were all so fabulous and entertaining. They were each so different and unique and I loved seeing them in the story. I think Kate was just brilliant! I think she reacted to things believably and naturally, and she was a wonderful person. She was kind and considerate, while still being strong and brave.

I found I really liked Henry. He was a kind, considerate person, and I think he was a great match for Kate. I really felt for Henry, and his history with Persephone. I like the way the author changed the tale and showed it in a different way, which actually allowed Hades to be the good guy in the picture.

I liked the opportunity for him to be an actual person with feelings and a heart The relationship between Henry and Kate was excellent. I really liked how it developed over time and how they got to know one another.

It was very sweet and normal, and I never felt like anything was forced. It seemed very natural and I liked that. I was shocked with the twists and revelations at the end of this book! I think the author has done an exceptional job here. It was so smart and wonderful NOW, people!! View all 58 comments. Aug 05, Aj the Ravenous Reader rated it really liked it Shelves: I always, always love it when Greek Mythological deities and characters get resurrected, recreated and put in present settings.

Goddess Test is another novel that sets an enjoyably creative take on Greek mythology. I also love how this book uniquely centers its story on one of the least liked Greek gods-of course you know him- Hades.

I'm reading the sequel in the near but not definite future. View all 7 comments. Feb 25, Kelly rated it it was ok Shelves: I was excited about The Goddess Test from the moment I first heard about it. The myth of Persephone and Hades has always held a certain fascination for me, and I enjoy reading adaptations of it and seeing what different authors do with the story.

The queen candidates must first pass a series of tests, however, and someone keeps mur I The queen candidates must first pass a series of tests, however, and someone keeps murdering the young women before they can complete the tests. Enter Kate. She has felt set apart from other teens for several years, ever since her mother was diagnosed with terminal cancer. Now Mom has one last wish: Then a classmate plays a prank on her that goes horribly wrong.

Only Henry aka Hades , the mysterious resident of Eden Manor, can help Kate, and there is a price to pay: Sometimes it moves a bit too quickly, in fact; it takes Kate several months to fall for Henry, but those months are summed up so briefly that it feels abrupt to the reader. On the other hand, this quick pace means The Goddess Test is emphatically not one of those YA novels that bogs down in hundreds of pages of angsty school scenes. The Greek gods as presented here are defanged and moralistic versions of themselves, and in most cases not very fleshed out, either.

The problem starts with the nature of the tests: This is an odd fit with Greek myth. The sins are interpreted in troubling ways, too. It disturbs me that Kate is told that she has sinned when the consensuality of the act is dubious at best.

At first I thought she was written inconsistently, but as the story progressed it became clear that this wild inconsistency is an essential part of her character. The Goddess Test ends with two occurrences that cheapen everything that has gone before. One of these occurrences concerns a huge lie that has been told to Kate for a long time. As I mentioned above, though, the writing itself is good. This could be a fun light book for readers who are less obsessed with mythology than I am. Feb 25, Ceilidh rated it did not like it.

I love Greek mythology. I love Greek tragedies. I love the gods and goddesses and what they all represent and the timeless stories that accompany them. As with all people who love something, I am weary with re-imaginings and modern day updates of these tales.

Some can be brilliant and really update the text to fit with the modern era, others can fail miserably. They were handled well and without overtly saccharine bucket-loads of cheap emotional grabs, and it was interesting to see a paranormal YA character dealing with such a difficult problem.

Of course, this was quickly shoved aside for the plot, or what substituted for one. How can you make Hades dull? The Hades-Persephone myth was twisted into a more teen friendly shape where Henry was made into the victim, which bugged me to no end.

Then again, these characters are so un-godly it makes sense to twist the myths to fit them. Kate is fine for most of it until she falls into love-struck too-annoying-to-live territory, typical for paranormal YA heroine these days it seems, and Henry is just dull. None of the immortal characters ever seem like fully fleshed out beings, let alone gods.

They never convinced me that they were anything more than childish plot devices. The Greek gods could be childish but they could also be ruthless, passionate, cunning, devastatingly dangerous, charming, every other emotion you could think of. Here, the characters just served to keep the meandering plot from going too off-road.

And this was all well and good for the most part. Like I said, it was mediocre but not awful. Then we got into the second half and things changed. What made up the supposed plot and the tests that were so important in deciding whether or not a teenage girl was worthy to become an immortal and co-ruler of the Underworld and the dead become more and more contrived to the point where I was rolling my eyes every other page.

Not once was I convinced that Kate was goddess material and the so-called tests just made me think that the Olympians need to hire a new manager or something. How can one establish a relationship if there is no trust and never was from the beginning? And Kate is okay with everyone lying to her, or as they put it, hiding the truth from her to keep her safe because those are the rules.

It was poorly constructed, it was incredibly contrived and it was a pure and simple dick move. It immediately destroyed any sympathies I had had with the book. But the big reveal that makes everything okay for everyone except the reader just throws my ability to care out the window and frankly, it pissed me off. Can we stop using characters, especially teenage girls, as pawns in stories?

Can we treat them with a little more respect than this? View all 18 comments. Der Anfang war echt anstrengend und ich war mehrmals kurz davor es abzubrechen. Es wurde nie etwas hinterfragt, sondern einfach alles nur hingenommen.

Allerdings wurde die Story ab Seite echt noch ganz gut und auch das Ende hat mich neugierig auf den 2. Band gemacht.

Okay, this was just so messy and meh and just BAD i don't even know how i got through it and actually finished it, so i'm giving myself a star for my hard work. View all 4 comments. May 16, Natalie Monroe rated it did not like it Shelves: I was extremely disappointed with this book. I read the blurb and thought it'd be great and guess what, it wasn't.

This book like Shiver and Fallen were Twilight descendents. The writing style is similar as well as the characters.

James and Dylan are immediately mesmerized by her and want to hang around her. Ava is Alice who's bubbly and enjoys clothes. Kate, on the other hand, hates pretty clothes but is stuffed in them anyway like a human Barbie doll another Twilight factor The other thing that really annoyed me was that the author didn't stay true to Greek mythology at all.

I love Greek mythology and how Rick Riordan put a new twist on it in his Percy Jackson and the Olympians series but still managed to stay true to Greek mythology. The author didn't do that at all, in fact, she murdered it.

I'm sorry but what? Hera in love with Hades? It would have made far more sense it Henry was Zeus and let's not forget Hera was the goddess of marriage, she wasn't supposed to go around falling in love with people. Let's not forget James who was going to inherit the Underworld when Henry did. Turns out James is Hermes. Hermes, ruler of the Underworld? Did the author do any research at all? Hermes and the Underworld do not mix. Couldn't she have suggested a more realistic choice like Chiron or something?

At least someone who actually has a connection to the Underworld. And what is with the building stuff out of French fries— architecture was Athena's field.

If you're a fan of Greek mythology or original story lines, steer away from this book. Kate Winters has always had her mother by her side, but now she's dying and Kate is driving to Eden, her mothers childhood home, for her last request. Kate only wants to take care of her mother and spend as much time with her before she goes, but her mother insists she go to school.

So Kate reluctantly goes, but is quite content to stay invisible. She's not here to make friends, she's here to take care of her mother. Soon she meets Henry. Lonely, haunted, and claims to be the god of the Underworl Kate Winters has always had her mother by her side, but now she's dying and Kate is driving to Eden, her mothers childhood home, for her last request.

Lonely, haunted, and claims to be the god of the Underworld, Hades, and while Kate thinks he's crazy, she can't deny that he's brought back a sorta friend of hers back from the dead right before her eyes. But at a price. If he could bring Ava back, does that mean he has the power to save her mother?

Henry strikes a bargain with Kate, and if she passes the seven tests, she becomes his wife, and a goddess, but if she fails, then she will loss so much more then she ever thought possible. Do you know the story of Persephone? The land got cold while she was away. She wouldn't eat or drink.

Her mother Demeter, pleaded with Zeus on her behave, and eventually Zeus made Hades give her back if indeed she hasn't eaten or drunk anything from the land of dead, but as it turns out, Persephone ate some seeds, so it was agreed that she could spend six months with her mother above ground, but she would also have to spend the other six months with Hades, as his queen. It is the story of how the seasons came to be. Aimee Carter breaks in the world of Greek Mythology and captures the legend of Hades and Persephone, weaving it into brilliance and beauty in her remarkable debut, The Goddess Test.

I've always loved, loved, loved, Mythology. I loved that hate and passion and the creation and destruction of it all. It's always been an element I've been fascinated with, so I went into this book with high hopes and was so glad that it did not disappoint.

Carter brings something fresh and exciting into this awesome world and I absolutely loved every minute of it. I really enjoyed all the characters, in fact there wasn't one I didn't like. Each and every single one of these characters are beyond thrilling, each has there own unique role and each have a part they play, and I gotta tell you, these characters weren't anything I ever expected once this book was said and done. It's just I so adore her strength and tolerance.

I mean, look at all the things she's went through? She couldn't bare to see anyone she loved or cared about or even hated, die. She is the most selfless character that I have ever meet and I loved that through it all, she stayed true to herself. Truly loved him to bits. There is a kindness to Henry that was such a wonder to see in the god of Underworld, and quite refreshing I might add. When you think of Hades, you think cruel, dominating and well, evil, but instead we get someone tortured and haunted by past failures with a guilt-ridden heart but there is almost like an underlining of hope that lingers when every he speaks or moves or touches.

He's captured in a way that is so breathtaking and heartbreaking that it's completely mesmerizing. Such a fascinating creature. While the storyline wraps around the myth of Persephone, it's shaped in a different way.

This is the stuff I love about books. Authors get to break away from traditional folklore and create something unique and bright and amazing. But I can also understand that some readers may not like the idea of there favorite mythology characters being taken out of there original design and conveying them in a different light, but for me, I had a blast with this concept!! I loved the entire set-up to this world and that ending had me completely floored! It shocked and awed me at the same time.

Freaking Kudos! Simply put. I loved this book! It has everything I look for in an escape. Unique, romantic, mysterious, compelling and ingenious. I was captivated from the very first page, till the very last and all I want is more. An instant favorite! I can't wait to see what Carter has planned next in Goddess Interrupted.

Is it yet?!?! A Remarkable debut!!

Big thanks to NetGalley and Harlequin Teen for giving me an opportunity to view an early copy of this amazing read View all 65 comments. Dec 05, Hannah G rated it liked it. I'm rating this book 3.

This book was good. Originally I thought the tests would be more dramatic and not as underwhelming as they were. That was a bummer. But the way the author did do the tests which was do them in plain sight without the heroine knowing was interesting. Overall I liked this and it was a quick read.

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One thing I didn't like was that Kate was so selfless. I know that's what most heroines are made of. But what really bothered me was that to save Ava's life afte I'm rating this book 3. I wouldn't have offered to spent six months out of the year for the rest of my life to bring her back from the dead. So I do wish that Kate did have some self preservation. I liked Henry. What I really liked about this book was how the author put a twist on the classic story of Hades and Persephony.

The Greek mythology was mixed really well in this book. The love story I was kind of like how? How did Kate fall in love with Henry. I felt no romantic or physical connection between both characters. And I would have liked it to be more falling slowly and passionately in love. But it was good not great but good. Jan 07, Lisa rated it it was amazing Shelves: Aimee Carter is a debut author and only 24 years old!

To start with, I felt abashed that this book made me cry so easily! The book opens with protagonist Kate and a rundown of her role as caregiver for her dying mom. Carter's description of this heart-wrenching process is mature and well-written. This book also pays homage to one of my f Aimee Carter is a debut author and only 24 years old! This book also pays homage to one of my favorite myths, the myth of Persephone. I've been in love with pomegranates ever since first reading this myth, but Kate feels different about the seeds.

She also feels differently about the prospect of spending eternity with Hades who is a hottie! View all 3 comments. Feb 16, Saniya rated it it was ok. Is it just me, who wanted to read this book so bad just because of the beautiful cover and the amazing plot, or did this also happened to everybody else?

I mean, okay. Covers were always my weak spot, but the plot? Even the blurb betrayed me in this one. The theme of this book looked so exciting, I nearly shouted Hmmph The theme of this book looked so exciting, I nearly shouted when I finally got to read this book and because of this excitement, I finished the book in 3.

This book was a huge disappointment and has let me down to nowhere. Do check it out! Thanks http: Hades for instance.

I thought he was going to be scary and empowering but what do we readers get? A lonely guy who is a virgin, has a sweet personality and is probably scared of spiders because that was scary in Aimee Carter's dictionary. And Kate is just like any other typical brainwashed Bella heroine, who acts like a machine and loves like Juliet.

Even Siri could do a better job than her. And do I even have to talk about Ava? Weren't you, like, Kate's mortal enemy in the beginning of the book and then after some milli-seconds you are her best friend? You need to get your priorities straight girl. Dylan and James. I honesty don't even know. The only real part in this book which I liked considerably was her Mom's illness scene and then everything goes down the drain and weird very fast.

I won't say I didn't particularly enjoyed this, but then it did fail to meet expectation too, so I guess that's equal. In the end, I am just stuck in between and I think I have to read the second book to really see where this is going.

But meanwhile, here's some advice for the author: Aimee Carter, Get your facts straight, and your characters straighter. I've had this title on my TBR list for quite a while but never picked it up until it coincidentally became BOTM on one of the goodreads groups I participate in. Don't you love it when you get a little nudge to knock a book off that long list! Overall, I liked The Goddess Test. I enjoy mythology, and despite the title duh!

It kept my interest and I felt invested enough in the characters, but the experience was missing the "wow" factor that would warrant a 4 or 5 star rating from me personally. I went with 3 stars, which based on goodreads is not bad- I liked it afterall. I am interested enough to continue the series, but I don't find myself overly eager to continue the trilogy anytime soon.

My favorite quote: Jan 18, Elena rated it really liked it Shelves: Pretty fast and entertaining read! I love books revolving around Greek mythology and this was no exception. Jun 11, Ren The Booknerd rated it it was amazing Shelves: Love the cover, love the characters, love the plot, love the book, because It's Greek Mythology! View 2 comments. Feb 28, Amber rated it really liked it Shelves: What an incredible debut from author Aimee Carter!! The Goddess Test was absolutely amazing!!!

The story is about a girl named Kate and her mother who is deathly ill. With the silence between us for the past six months, however, it didnt feel like it. But no matter how hard Id looked, I hadnt seen any sign of him. Granted, half a year was practically a blink of an eye for someone who had existed since before the birth of humanity.

But surely a sign that he missed me wasnt too much to ask for. During my winter with him though, Id had to fight for every small step forward. Every look, every touch, every kisswhat if six months apart brought us back to square one? Hed spent a thousand years mourning his first wife, Persephone, and hed only known me for one.

The Goddess Test

Our wedding hadnt been the perfect ending to a wonderful love story. Itd been the beginning of eternity, and nothing about our new life together was going to be easy. For either of us. Especially considering that on top of adjusting to marriage, Id have to learn how to be Queen of the Underworld, as well. And no matter how many years Id spent caring for my dying mother, I had a sinking feeling none of it would help when it came to ruling over the dead.

I pushed my worries from my mind as the black wrought-iron gate of Eden Manor came into view. New York, school, my mothers illnessthat was my past. My mortal life. This was my future. No matter what had or hadnt happened during the summer, I would have the chance to be with Henry now, and I wasnt going to waste a moment.

Home sweet home, I said as I drove through the gate. I could do this. Henry would be waiting for me, and hed be thrilled to see me. My mother would be there, too, and I wouldnt have to go another six months without seeing her again. But I was back now, and everything would be okay. James craned his neck to look at the brightly colored trees that lined the road.

All right? I should be asking you that, I said, eyeing the way he drummed his fingers on the armrest nervously. He stilled, and after a moment I added before I could stop myself, Hell be happy to see me, right?

James blinked and said coolly, Who? Couldnt say. Im not him. That was the last answer Id expected, but of course he wasnt going to be cheerful about it.

James would have been the one to replace Henry as the ruler of the Underworld if Id failed, and even though it hadnt come up on our trip, James was undoubtedly sore about it.

Could you at least try to pretend to be happy for me? I said. You cant spend your entire existence mad about that. Im not mad. Im worried, he said.

You dont have to do this if you dont want to, you know. No one would blame you. Do what? Not go back to Eden? Id already passed the tests. Id told Henry Id be back. We were married, for crying out loud. Everyones acting like youre the be-all and end-all for Henry, said James. It isnt fair to put you under that kind of pressure.

Good lord, he really was talking about not going back. Im trying to make sure no one else does. This is your life. No ones going to take your mother away from you now if you decide you dont want to do this after all. Thats notthats not why Im going back at all, I sputtered. Then why are you, Kate? Give me one good reason, and Ill drop it. I can give you a dozen. I only want one.

I sniffed. It wasnt any of his business. Id nearly died in my attempts to save Henry from fading; I wasnt going to walk away from him because of the possibility that I might not like the Underworld. I dont know how you do things, but I love Henry, and Im not going to leave him just because you dont think hes good for me. Fair enough, said James. But what are you going to do if Henry doesnt love you? I slammed on the brakes and forced the car into Park so violently that the head of the stick shift snapped off.

The car was a piece of shit anyway. Thats impossible. He said he loves me, and I trust him not to lie to me. Unlike someone else I know. I glared at him, but his expression didnt change.

With a huff, I climbed out of the car, cursing as the seat belt caught on my jeans. After my few failed attempts to untangle myself, James reached over and gently undid it for me. Dont be mad, he said. Thats all. I wasnt an idiot. I knew part of Henry would always be in love with Persephone. After all, hed lost the will to continue after shed given up her immortality to die and spend eternity with a mortal, and he wouldnt have felt that way if his entire existence hadnt revolved around her.

But I could give him the one thing she never hadrequited love. If you really are happy and you two love each other equally, then great, said James. Good luck to you both. But if you dontif you wake up one day and realize youre forcing yourself to love him because you think its the right thing to do, not because he makes you happier than youve ever beenthen I want to make sure you know you have a choice.

And if you ever want to leave, all you have to do is say the word, and Ill go with you. I stormed toward the front doors of the manor, yanking hard. Great, so if I ever decide that Henrys life isnt worth it, Ill be sure to let you know. Help me with these, will you? James didnt say a word as he joined me and opened the heavy doors as if they were made of feathers.

I slipped inside and forced a smile, expecting to see Henry waiting for me in the magnificent entrance hall made of mirrors and marble. But the foyer was empty. Where is everyone? I said, my smile fading. Waiting for you, I suspect. James stepped in after me, and the door slammed behind us, echoing through the hall.

You didnt think we were going to stay here, did you? I didnt know there was anywhere else to stay. Of course theres someplace else. Follow me.His devotion and faith in Kate is amazing, and how he always tells her 'You always have a choice' is something not everyone gets. Nothing happened to her.

I'm rating this book 3. Ok, enough with the music and happiness. Ah, the target of slut-shaming. With a dozen screaming gods surrounding the castle, no matter how powerful he was, he had no choice but to fight. Itd been the beginning of eternity, and nothing about our new life together was going to be easy. Giant stalagmites and stalactites joined together in rows of columns that couldnt have possibly been natural, and to my relief, they formed a path to a magnificent palace made of shiny black rock that looked as if it had grown out of the side of the cavern.

Kate Winters has always had her mother by her side, but now she's dying and Kate is driving to Eden, her mothers childhood home, for her last request.

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